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Bala Kumar


Product developer turned Site reliability Engineer, scaling systems for Freshworks. Been using Ruby & Rails for the last 5 years. Besides tech he volunteers with Bhumi to teach kids on programming fundamentals and his recent passion is crunching through weather models and radar images to predict rains.

Talk : Semian, Marginalia, i18nema and more on scaling the Freshdesk monolith Rails app

Ruby is blocking in nature and cannot scale is a cliche and through RubyConf India Iam looking forward to share our growth hack experiences with a multi-tenant monolith rails application that we scaled beyond 200K RPM per pod with 99.99 % availability.

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Brad Urani


Brad Urani is a coder, karaoke singer and barbecue evangelist. He believes happiness is directly correlated with the size of your .vimrc and refuses to buy into YAGNI. When not hiking or hacking, he preaches the wonders of Rails and relational databases as Principal Engineer at Procore in Santa Barbara, CA.

Talk : The Ultimate Ruby Developer's Command Line Toolkit

Let's teach command line tinkering! Customizing your shell environment with tools and shortcuts makes you a happier, more productive Ruby developer. It teaches you to be confident navigating your operating system, giving you the foundational skills you needs to expand your knowledge into ops

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Bragadeesh Jegannathan


Bragadeesh Jegannathan is the founder and CEO of Francium Tech, a Chennai based startup having more than 30 professionals primarily working on Ruby, Python, Go, Nodejs. He has an overall 13 years of experience and loves writing code mostly using Ruby. He has worked in various startups and MNCs before founding Francium Tech. Loves mentoring young engineers and students about the importance of Applied Engineering. He is a Vipassana practitioner meditating 2 hours every day.

Talk : Serverless concept, not Serverless framework. Insane scaling using stock Rails application

For an average Rails developer, writing a Lambda Function in Node.js and deploying it to AWS Cloud with all its restrictions on code size, learning curve, cold starts etc is painful if not impossible. This talk is to address that problem and scale any project to insane levels with Pure Rails/Ruby.

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Charles Nutter


He is one of the JRuby guys, co-lead of JRuby project and JVM enthusiast. He is a Ruby Hero and Java Champion too! He works every day to make JRuby the best JVM-based Ruby possible while pushing JVM folks and other language authors to keep improving the platform.

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Gautam Rege


Gautam is a Ruby and Go programmer. He is a serial entrepreneur for the last 18 years and loves to talk and drink beer! He is the founder of Josh Software, a 11 year old Ruby development shop in India. Gautam has been speaking at conferences for the past 8 years in over 20 events and 13 different countries. He loves programming and calls it his oxygen to a healthy life. When not coding, he loves playing basketball, football and squash!

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Jason Swett


Jason Swett helps Rails developers write better tests. Since putting his first website online in 1996, he has taught programming in four countries and worked for organizations like AT&T, Deloitte and the University of Chicago. Jason lives in Sand Lake, Michigan.

Talk : Using Tests as a Tool to Wrangle Legacy Projects

Legacy projects tend to lack test coverage. Unfortunately, legacy projects are also often written in such a way that it makes it difficult to add tests. A few powerful testing techniques can make it much easier to get legacy projects under control.

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Mudit Maheshwari


Joined GO-JEK as Product Engineer after graduating from IIT Indore last year. He has been working in GO-FOOD, the food business wing of GO-JEK, and has been focused and about building innovative features to enthrall customers. He is passionate about exploring and learning new technologies and likes reading about distributed systems and data-intensive applications. When AFK, he is always ready for a game of cricket or football.

Talk : How we monitor applications at Go-Jek

At Go-Jek, we are growing faster than we can possibly imagine. We are always refactoring and pulling out small, well-defined microservices. At such a scale, it becomes very important to monitor our services in real-time. In this talk, I will discuss about how we monitor applications at Go-Jek.

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Ratnadeep Deshmane


Ratnadeep Deshmane aka rtdp is a Ruby developer for past 10 years. He loves travel and has been a digital nomad for past few years. Before starting his digital nomading journey he ran a venture funded startup AppSurfer. Currently, he is Pune writing and enjoying more and more of Ruby.

The story of Rails!

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime. This is what this talk tries to do by answering all WHYs related to Rails framework. Rails is big with features, this talk tears it all apart to explains the purpose & history.

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Sidu Ponnappa


Sidu Ponnappa serves as a Director at GO-JEK and is the Head of the India team. He takes care of Data Engineering and Global Talent Acquisition. Sidu has founded three startups, the last being acquired by GO-JEK in 2015. Sidu has established and scaled the India organisation before moving to head up Data Engineering. He’s helped build the technology arm of GO-JEK to 250+ engineers who build and scale systems that process 3+ million orders daily. Sidu started coding when he was six and has since gone on to co-found 3 companies launching 4 products. He is also a trustee of the Emerging Technology Trust, an non-profit he helped found in 2010 that supports the Indian open source community, and runs three of the largest tech conferences in the country. He has worked as an engineer, product manager, salesperson, recruiter, marketer, CTO and CEO. He has failed more times than he can count. He is an avid motorcycle lover.

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Swanand Pagnis


Software Engineer. Parent. Nerd. Long time Rubyist. He likes writing software, reading software, building communities, and continuous improvement. Ruby, OCaml, SQL are his weapons of choice. He earns his living at and organizes meetups for his Bangalore Ruby friends.

Talk : The Deep Work Mentality

Mastering hard things fast is the ultimate x-factor. It is what makes some people have disproportionately large impact. This journey of a 1000 miles begins at deep focussed work, and cultivating the right learning habits. I am on this journey, and I want you to start yours.

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Torsten Rüger

Torsten has been coding in various roles for 38 years. He found ruby in 2001, and hasn’t coded much else since. Nowadays, he feels privileged because he can code for fun, and what interests him most is how code actually works. Hence the very self referential implementation of ruby in ruby.

When he doesn’t code he does timber-framing and builds houses. He lives in the finish nature, with his wife, where they run a B&B, and enjoy the quiet life.

Talk : RubyX, compiling ruby to binary

Imagine a ruby runtime that would not just implement the greatest language you know, but also be fast. And you could change it and make it better in the language you love. That is what RubyX is, it�s ruby compiled to binary, in pure ruby. RubyX is the ruby implementation for rubyists.

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Yukihiro Matsumoto


Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto is a programmer, and the creator of the Ruby language. He works for many open source related organizations and companies, e.g. NaCl inc. in Japan, Heroku and Ruby Association. Since his real name is difficult for non-Japanese speakers to pronounce correctly, he uses the nickname Matz on the Net. Matz spoke at RubyConfIndia 2016. Matz also spoke at RubyConfIndia 2017 on What is software made of?